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Best Highest Paying ‘File Upload & Share’ Sites

One popular way of making money online is using the file uploading and sharing sites intelligently. These are also called Pay Per Download sites. There are many such sites in the internet but finding the right one for you could be difficult and time-consuming.
You can earn between $10 to $35 per 1000 downloads from most of these sites. But it’s always better to go for the ones that give the maximum and the best value for all downloads. Right? Because you’ll be using them for only one reason – Making Money!

Best Highest Paying ‘File Upload & Share’ Sites

All the file uploading and sharing sites listed below gives you the chance to make the maximum from your uploads. Give them a try before trying others.
  • ShareCash.org: Another highest paying site is ShareCash with which you can earn 40 cents to 80 cents per download. Supported payout systems are Paypal, Western Union, Alertpay, etc. 10% commission can be earned from your referrals. ShareCash is one of the best and a leading pay per download site.
  • Fileice When a user clicks your referral link they will receive a cookie that lasts for 10 days. This cookie gives your user adequate time to leave your referral page, do research about FileIce.net, and then come back and sign up.
  • TurboBit.net: Join TurboBit and earn upto 20 dollars per 1000 downloads of your uploaded files. What’s best about them is that you can get commission of 60% for all premium sales you make with their affiliate program. In addition you also get 10% from your referral premium sales.
  • DepositFiles.com: This is one of the stable and trusted site for earning by sharing files. They offer upto 25 dollars per 1000 downloads. Add 20% earnings of invited referrals. You can redeem your earnings using WebMoney, Z-Purse and Paypal and minimum cashout is 20 dollars.
  • Hotfile.com: This is not a pay per download site but you can earn money with their affiliate program. They give upto 50% of premium sales to their affiliates. If somebody registers under your referral link, you will permanently earn 20% of his earnings. They have a unique affiliate program. Check out their site.
  • Uploaded.net :
  •  Folder Feature: The new folder feature provides more overview and therefore you can henceforth also archive your files even easier. Folders can also be opened as download links so that you can directly call up coherent archives in the future, too.
    Storage Capacity: Also the maximum file size was raised from 500 MB to 1000 MB and for Premium users even to 5000 MB. This means that every user can upload and download files up to 1000 MB. Beyond that Premium users additionally can as well as up- and download files with a size up to 5000 MB!

     Remote Upload: The whole remote upload process was optimised and distinctly simplified. You can now set up profiles for any domains and sharehosters.

     Payment Method: Payout requests are being processed approx. 14 days after request, payouts can be requested via PayPal , WebMoney, AlertPay/Payza and Bank Wire-Transfer . 

   Generally, files getting downloaded in countries like US, Canada and Australia will have higher rates than in other countries.
Remember it’s not easy to make money from any site online. You’ll have to learn the tricks of the trade to really make money online. (I haven’t used them yet, though)

Do you know any other highest paying file sharing site? Do share them in comments.

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