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Payoneer® and Fiverr™ Join Forces!

Payoneer® and Fiverr™ Join Forces!

As many of you may know, Payoneer has partnered with Fiverr to provide Fiverr sellers with a quick and low cost payout solution: the Fiverr Revenue Card.

While this payout option was previously available only to certain tiers, we’re excited to announce that starting August 5th Payoneer’s services will be available to all four Tiers of sellers on Fiverr! Another perk? Tier 4 sellers that sign up will receive their card free of charge – paying no activation!

So, if you’re a Tier 4 seller or have friends on Fiverr who need a payout solution – spread the word and apply for the Fiverr Revenue Card now!

To read more about Payoneer’s partnership with Fiverr, check out this article on Yahoo! Finance.


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