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Let’s face it, if your website’s content isn’t selling, your customers aren’t buying. Poor quality...

Let’s face it, if your website’s content isn’t selling, your customers aren’t buying.

Poor quality web content is the #1 reason websites fail. Perhaps you’re just skating by or your sales have dropped dramatically in the past few weeks. How does your conversion rate look? Better yet, how does your website look?

While you’re saving money by buying that content for pennies on the dollar, you’re actually costing your company more in the long run – you’re costing yourself customers. People don’t buy from websites that use poor grammar, inappropriate language or ineffective content. Customers buy and follow websites that have:

· High-impact, addictive content – if they can’t stop reading, you’ve got them!
· Well placed and suggestive calls-to-action
· Real, human-generated content – no auto spins or computer-made articles!
· Quality links

This doesn’t just limit to website owners – if you’re selling a service or even a product, you need effective sales copy too! Let’s face it; no one is going to purchase your eBook or even buy your new software or SEO services if your sales copy is less than compelling. You’re competing against big brands with huge budgets, which means your sales copy needs to be twice as effective if you plan on selling. The good news is, you can sell your products and compete against the Fortune 500’s and even Fortune 1000’s!

The Importance of Effective Sales Copy
Most sales copy pages lack four things: attention, interest, detail and action. When the reader is on your page, do they know what you want from them? Do they know what they will get for using your service or buying your products? If you can’t answer the basic questions, then neither can your customer. 

Great sales copy uses the “so what” strategy and that is our core for creating high-quality sales copy that captivates your audience. We write a benefit then we ask “so what?” and keep going! We get all of those negativities and questions out of your customer’s mind and answer any of the “what ifs” that keep them from buying. It’s as if we’re reading their mind, but really it is just effective sales copy.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what service you’re offering. If your reader isn’t impressed, they won’t convert into a customer. Bottom line.

Why Some Companies Fail
Most companies fail at writing effective sales copy simply because they don’t understand customers. They don’t research the products or your company’s target market, which means they deliver irrelevant, boring content for your ideal customer. 

To save money, some companies will hire writers from overseas. These non-English speaking writers may produce cost-effective work, but they don’t know anything about English mannerisms, language or what attracts an English-speaking reader to a product or service. 

So What Makes Us Special?
We still offer cost-effective, high-quality sales copy, but we have added benefits that the other guys just can’t compare to:

· We research you and your target market so that you get relevant sales copy that actually attracts and converts your ideal customer!
· We only use native English speaking and reading writers. That means your content will make sense, flow appropriately and actually enhance your readers’ experience!
· We don’t spin your content. Each sales copy piece is 100% unique and created by an effective sales copy writer!
· We offer you strict adherence to your website guidelines. Have keywords you need used? Not a problem!
· We offer UNLIMITED revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with your sales copy!

Are You Ready to Boost Your Conversions? 
We’ve helped hundreds of customers just like you turn an ineffective website into a money-earning machine overnight. High-quality sales copy is what drives real profits. Take this client for example:

His website was barely earning $200 per week with his affiliate marketing plan. His sales copy was boring and had no effective call-to-action. Customers read, but didn’t know where to go. We revamped his sales copy and made it attention-grabbing and effective. In just a few days his site went from $200 per week to $800 per week!

We know you’re frustrated with your site, but it’s not your fault. Let our professional sales copy writers turn your site into a captivating sales page. With our turn-around time guarantee and unlimited revisions, you’ll get high-quality, tailor-made content that drives results home! 

500 words of sales copy content – for just $50! All you need to get started is an account. Simply signup, place your order, submit the instructions and within 24 to 72 hours you will have a high converting sales message for your potential customers.

Get started today by signing up here now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Order your content with confidence.
If you order from us and you’re not absolutely blown away by the quality and effectiveness of your web copy then contact us immediately.
We’ll issue you a refund for every dime of your money, quietly and promptly, no questions asked.
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