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How to Make Work Go By Faster!

#15 Don't Watch The Clock!

The worst thing you can do when bored at work is continuously look at the clock. It will make you crazy. You know the expression, " A watched pot never boils?" Well a watched clock seems to crawl forward. In fact sometimes you would swear it doesn't move AT ALL. Your best bet is to involve your eyes and your brain elsewhere, and before you know it, time will have passed.

#14 Snack to Save Your Sanity

Bored on the job? The key is a never ending snack drawer. Stuff it with Costco sized bags of all your favorite foods. Everything works better when you have the right munchies. Sure the sound of chip bags crinkling and soda cans popping might drive your nearby coworkers crazy. But when they are yawning and looking at the clock, clever you is multitasking. Be warned that while this is bound to help the work day along, it will also expand your waist. Choose healthier snacks and you get the best of both worlds.

#13 Bring Your Child to Work Day

If you really want to spice up the work day, let your kids tag along. You'll be sure to get nothing done and you have a great excuse to leave if they get out of hand. You can use their child like innocence to get any message across to co-workers or your boss that you could never do yourself. The hours will fly by and you run after them up stairs and through crowded hallways. Change diapers on top of the boardroom table and scrub jelly off the cubicle wall. Actually this is starting to sound like the longest day of life.

#12 Have A Slumber Party

Who says you can't work in your pj's? Better yet, in your comfy clothes with your childhood bear and blanket? This might give casual Friday even more meaning and encourage a very relaxing work environment. Read reports like they were ghost stories and serve customers with slippers on. Be aware that this dress code might encourage people to get all warm and fuzzy. Keep a bit of distance by reminding everyone you won't all be going home together to sleep in the same bed. At least we don't think you will.

#11 Punk Your Co-Workers

Nothing says "I'm bored" like the practical joke. Especially when you are 35 years old. There are so many ways to get your co-workers when they least expect it. Take all the paper out of the photocopier every time someone goes to use it. Email the current weather forecast to every employee with the title, "Looks like it's going to be raining men!" Write the wrong names on people's lunches and watch them argue with each other about who ate whose sub. Childish pranks like these may not endear you to your coworkers but it'll put the day in.

#10 Catch Up On Your Stories

Nowadays TV and movies are easier than ever to access online. You can find episodes for free or download whatever you want from places like Hulu or ITunes. It helps to check out fictional people's drama to get through your own work day. Their problems are always worse even if they can be solved in half an hour. You can look busy by holding onto your computer's mouse or staring very intensely at the screen. Don't shout out anything or people will know you're watching sports. Unless you work as a hot dog vendor.

#9 Work With Benefits

Engaging in a little workplace romance can be exciting and a great reason to be on the job. Office flirtations are common and often harmless. If you care to take it to the next level know that you are entering into dangerous territory that could cost you your job. But, if handled correctly you could end up forming a lasting relationship with someone that you at least have one thing in common with. Whatever you do, stay away from the boss-coworker entanglement. That's just never going to end well.

#8 Create Some Office Gossip

Where there are people gathered, there's always some stuff going down. To pass the time at work get involved in other people's conversations. Better yet, start some rumors of your own for entertainment. See how long it takes June down in receiving to spread the made up story about your boss and a pet monkey. See how the facts evolve as they make their way back to you. Just remember what goes around comes around so don't be surprised when you're on the receiving end of a coworker's gossip fest.

#7 Catch Some Z's

You can only pull this off if A) you're the boss, B) you don't care what anyone thinks, or C) you're really really tired. When you are exhausted it's easy to find a way to catch some shut eye. Sleeping at work is really hard to do without being caught so you have to be crafty. Try the old painted ping pong balls taped to the eyes- or better yet tattoo eyes on your lids so no one will be the wiser. If your back is to everyone else, rest your head in your hands like you're really concentrating on something. Try not to freak out when someone taps your shoulder on the way by. If you can manage a 30 minute nap during the work day, congrats you are officially our hero.

#6 Peanut Butter Jelly Time

When in doubt about how you'll get through your day, remember: It can always be Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Get out your banana costume and your maracas. You know the words. Delight co-workers and customers alike. Distract everyone from the boring things they were doing and engage in a little dance, banana style. We suggest you make a quick exit when you're done just in case someone calls security. There are some nut jobs out there you know.

#5 Let Your Office Supply The Fun

When the work day starts to drag, one has to use their imagination like we did before the internet and tv. Take a second look at your surroundings and try to make something unique out of what you see. Think like a child and find new uses for everyday objects. A letter open? No, no that's a lightsaber. White out? That's a toxic venom that kills words. Paper clips? They must belong to 007 because have you seen all the crazy stuff they can do? Now work is fun, you can play like a kid and have something to bring home to the wife. She'll be so proud.

#4 Use The Tools You've Got

Every job has slow periods where time seems to drag on. It's at this time when you have to take a good look around and see what you can do with the tools you have. In this clever instance, a worker realized that he or she had tons of cups, that could be stacked one on top of the other. When repeated you get a lovely cup art statement that is sure to thrill staff and customers alike. Is this the best use of this employee's time? Not really, but that's not exactly the goal here. Hey, at least it ended up online right?

#3 Creative Use of The Copier

Most workplaces have a photocopier of some sort. This classic 80's gag is ridiculous as it is immature. Make several hundred photocopies of your butt and hand them out as top secret memos to coworkers with a sense of humor. Or even better, give them to ones with none. Sit back and watch the horror/ amusement that your little prank has created. Before you know it you'll be crowned a hero for helping others pass the day and you'll all be on your way out the door. Just make sure to windex the copier after you're done.

#2 When In Doubt, There's Always Facebook

If you can get on facebook at work, it's a guaranteed time eater. Mindlessly checking out what your friends and family are up to, along with countless pictures of cats is bound to help pass an hour or two. Even visit your work's facebook site, if they have one, so it looks better if you get caught. You can feign research into customer service on social media platforms. Be warned that this can royally peeve off your employer and you could get fired. After all, they aren't paying you to use Facebook for your own purposes. And yes we agree that they most certainly should.

#1 Computer Games To Train the Brain

If you sit in front of a computer at work, you know there are limitless possibilities for distraction. To help pass the time, why not use your pc in a game of aim? Target practice not only sharpens the eye but fosters a life long skill of knowing how to take down bad guys. This use of time might someday help save the world! If questioned by superiors on this unorthodox work activity say that you are metaphorically taking down the competition. Your creativity will surely be admired.

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