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LinkCollider Review-Legit Or Scam

Ever heard of LinkCollider?If you haven't ,then you should definitely check it out.LinkCollider is a website where you can promote not only your website,but also your twitter profile,your Facebook page and also your YouTube account.

        And all this is for free,and that is what makes it unique.If you are interested,then continue to the full review below.(I usually don't write such reviews on this site,but this site has really helped me a lot,hence I thought that I should share this information with my readers.)

Link Collider

LinkCollider is a site which has been designed to help bloggers increase their website traffic,improve SEO,create backlinks and build up your social authority.



  The most notable features of LinkCollider are listed below:
  • Easy to use
  • Absolutely free
  • Boosts your SEO
  • Increases number of followers on Twitter,number of likes on Facebook,Pinterest,YouTube and several other social networking sites
  • Increase number of backlinks to your site
  • Get higher Page Rank faster
   and lots of other features as well. 

How to use

       Using it is really easy.You just need to sign up at LinkCollider,and you will be instantly given free 1000 tokens.

         Now,you have to add your website details,Facebook page details,Twitter username,and several other details.You have to set the number of tokens to be expended for each like,follower,visit etc.As your tokens get finished,you have to replenish them once again.There are several ways of achieving this.

        You can like others Facebook pages,visit others' sites,follow other profiles on Twitter.Or else if you don't have that mush time,you can upgrade to a Premium membership and you can buy tokens. 




         LinkCollider also has an option of providing backlinks to your site.It costs 4000 tokens.Actually it submits your site to different directories,sites and you get backlinks in return.However,the quality of backlinks is questionable.Some of those directories may even be "dead".Moreover,I really don't rely too much on software to build backlinks and you shouldn't too.

       Since I haven't yet used this feature,I really can't comment on the effect that it will have on your site.



          This isn't the end.LinkCollider offers several tools to help you in blogging.It has an "Unique Article Generator",which is simply an article spinner.However,I must warn you that the software is not the best available online,and you need to make quite a few corrections in the articles generated.

      Next,it has a character counter,which counts the number of words in the post that you have submitted.A pretty handy feature;however,I prefer to use WordCounter for this purpose.

     There is also a tool to submit your site to various search engines for indexing.You also get a PageRank and Alexa rank checker.

Verdict-Legit or Scam

          Now,comes the real question-is it safe and beneficial to use Link Collider or is it just a spam site like several others present in the net.First of all,I must assure you that this is a completely legit website and even if you invest your money in upgrading your membership you won't regret that decision.

        So,the next question is how to properly use it to get the maximum benefit.I mainly use to increase my social presence i.e. increase the number of twitter followers,Facebook likes etc.And I must say that this site was really useful in increasing my followers.Also,remember that Google is now gradually implementing social presence into their ranking algorithm;so more popular your posts are on social networking sites,the higher your site will be ranked!

       Many people might even use it to increase number of visitors to their site;but remember one thing-Google doesn't prefer these kinds of sites,so your site could get affected due to such visits.Read my article 10 Steps To Save Your Blog From Future Google Updates for more info

 All in all,Link Collider is a nice website which will definitely help you in blogging. Hope this article helped you to decide whether to use Link Collider or not.

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