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Social Media Profile(s) into Money

With SociBuzz.com you can join the thousands of Publishers who are already turning their Social Media Profiles into a mini cash register of passive income.
This happens when you are provided with an exclusive shortened URL that accepts bona-fide traffic from pre-specified Social Media sources.
Picture it like this;
You probably have a Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps a Linkedin account. These are your Social Media profiles.
SociBuzz.com has advertisers that will pay you on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis to post their advertisements directly on your profile.
By working through the SociBuzz.com platform, you (as the Publisher) can then earn up to 70% of the gross revenue from every “click” that comes from your Social Media profiles.
An avg. (Non-Power User) earns between $50 – $100 / month using SociBuzz.com.
The best part about becoming a Publisher for SociBuzz.com is that you don’t have to change anything about your Social Media account. Instead you are given the opportunity to turn something you already have into instant cash.
Then – who wants to wait on their money? No one we know, and that’s why SociBuzz.com offers you weekly payments via Paypal.com. Every Monday SociBuzz.com releases earnings to you, this means you are never stuck wondering or waiting for a NET7, NET30, or even worse NET45 that some ad networks force their Publisher base into.
So get started today and enjoy ALL the benefits of being a SociBuzz Publisher!


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