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Make $$$ with Facebook, Easy $1000+ month

Step one
 : Making accounts. 

What you need : Unique IP and a sim card / phone number.

If you're gonna use a proxy, be sure to use a private one, not shared, less trouble with FB, if you don't have them, it's fine too, host a few accounts on the same IP, we did this and nothing happened.

Once you create an account, be sure to verify it with your number in the first place, you need this to avoid further verifications, in fact, you'll be asked to attach a phone number anyway.

Next step is to get some hot girl's photos, they don't have to be celebrities or models, 'simple' ones are better because they look more natural. Try to use photos taken at home, beach, street to look legit. 

Use a real name, just go to this site and generate one http://www.namegenerator.biz/female-name-generator.php

Here is an advice, try to search for girls that are VERY hot (big boobs etc) because your friends (horny guys) pay attention to body, not face and charm, lol. Don't put nude pics unless you want to get banned.

Russian / Ukrainian girls are very hot, search them on Facebook, to make the process easier, install FB Graph Search and type "Females from Russia that work at Model" or something similar to that in search. You'll see a lot of beautiful girls, feel free to choose, lol.

Step two : Adding friends.

This is a simple task, you'll say, I'll just add them in friends .... NO!

Do not add friends by yourself, your account will get suspend in a very, very bad way and it's a pain in the ass to unlock it.

You can add a few (10-20) friends by yourself, but not too fast, but you don't need it either.

Join groups, type "Add me" in search and you'll get lots of 'em. 

If you're lazy, use the list below, I just collected them from several accounts, they are VERY active. Don't spam or admins will definitely remove you.


Here's the key, go to every group and upload a sexy picture and write "add me, I accept everyone".

Look at a new account after posting pics in only 10 groups (I just took the screenshot)

Traffic is huge, a lot of guys will strive to get into your friend list.

Adding a pic to each group is time consuming, so after you upload a new pic in your album, click share button and choose "In group", type add me and you'll see the list, share everywhere.

If you do this every hour, 1,000 friend requests is guaranteed, it's a LOT, right? hehe ^^

The groups I choose have traffic from quality countries, like USA/UK/Brazil and some European countries too, of course there are people from India / Africa but this is not a big problem, you won't be able to get 100% USA friends anyway (unless you check them separately).

There is another way to add even more friends : Search for adult pages that have 100k-500k likes (some even have more than a million), they add pictures frequently, once they show up in your news feed, copy your profile url and paste in the comments with "ADD ME" comment. Just think about how many people are browsing these photos, once you post your link, it shows your profile picture too, so they will add you immediately.

Some pages may block you for doing this, but I've come to understand that many admins don't even check comments, so you have a good chance to make it in the top comments (guys will like your comment for 'letting' them add you, lol).

Other tips to get better results : 

1. When you add a new pic on your wall, write "Share in the groups please", they will share it in THEIR groups, so you'll receive new people.

2. Write "Tag yourself" on some of your photos, once they do this, it shows up on their walls (like "lakim0 was tagged in some girl's photo), approve them, you get new likes and new friends : ) 

3. If you want US (or some specified country) traffic, add local cities / states in your profile, if you're from Colorado, more people from the same state / country will add you in hope that you will 'meet'. There are more reasons to this, but, anyway....

4. When you add a pic, not only your friends, but even their friends comment on it, like their comments and they will immediately add you.

5. When you reach 5k friend limit, don't stop posting in groups, adding pics etc.. Don't make full 5,000 friends either, leave at 4,995 or smth like that, when more people add you, they become your followers, if your friend list is full, they will get the message "This person has reached 5,000 friend limit" and it'll go to waste. Keep a few friends less and you'll get more followers in addition to your 5k.

6. Turn off the chat or you'll get bombared with messages, btw, here's my online list to show you that accs like this is very active. 

Take a look at this photo, it is from one of my 5k account, it has 1k followers and is VERY active, because the girl is VERY hot.

This account is getting 500-700 followers daily, if I post in groups every hour, it hits 1k+. 

(I'm not showing the face for obvious reasons)

Step Three : Unblock accounts

Sooner or later, your account will get suspended for adding too many friends, that's why I said not to add friends by yourself, but anyway, when you accept 1k requests daily, there's no way you won't be suspended.

There are two ways that FB uses to verify your account : 

1. You'll be shown pictures of your friend and below will be names of your several friends, you need to choose the correct name of the friend that is shown on the pics. 

Solution : This is simple, you need to have another account in friends with your MAIN account, when it gets suspended and you're going through verification, log in with another account, copy every name listed below and choose the right person. I mean, there are 6 names, copy each one and put in your search field, since they are your mutual friends, they will definitely show up (not other persons under the same name), all that's left is to choose the name whose pictures match the ones shown in verification.

2. Second way of verification is way more difficult, you'll be shown pictures but you'll have to type their names yourself, there is only one solution. You'll have to save all links of your friends' profiles. 

When you're adding them, before you press "Confirm", click the middle button of mouse on their names, it will open the profiles. Do it on each one, once you have over 50 links opened (Don't open more or you'll browser will crash), save them in notepad.

Saving one by one with hand will take a lot of time, so install URL lister in mozilla 


Once insalled, click ALT, go to Tools, URL Lister and "Copy" and paste in notepad, simple as that.

When you have all links, download those pictures from verification process (FB shows the same pictures in general), check every link (I know, it's a pain in the ass) and once found the right person, Click rename on the pic and copy his name to know who is him/her.

Since you don't know when you'll get banned, you'll have to collect all links of your friends, but Facebook doesn't use this method of verification frequently, so you can rest in peace now 

I've got 2 accs blocked like this, but I don't bother searching for their photos in thousands of links, that will take a LOT of my time, not worth it, but as I mentioned, you'll more likely be blocked (8 from 10) in the first way, so don't worry, it's gonna be OK ))

Step Four : Monetization

If you're an experienced IMer, you won't have issues with this step, but I'll list some for newbies.

1. Make a fanpage, yes, Adult fanpage. Once you'll have 4-5 accounts, it's worth creationg one. 

You can drive all people to your page, they'll be the same people (plus viral traffic from likes), but you can sell it later.

How to turn your friends into likes : Go to your page (make sure you're admin first, also, don't use account as a page, log into your profile and enter your page), than click "Build Audience" on the right corner at the top, go to "Invite friends" and you'll see all 5k friends of yours. 

You can't check them by hand (you can, but if you value your time, you won't, lol) so, use the script.

Use mozilla, because I don't have script for Chrome. 

Click CTRL+SHIFT+K and than paste this :

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i
There are tons of scripts on Google but 99% of them don't work, so use this.

Paste this and press ENTER.

Before you do this, make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, so all your 5k friends can be selected.

Done, your friends are invited! Don't expect all of them to like your page, but if you do this every hour, they'll have no choice but to obey 

Also, when you post new pic on your fanpage, make sure you share it on each account, new likes + PTA will reach the sky. It boosts the price as well.

2. Make a live stream website, of course it'll be fake. 

You can use a blogger or weebly builder, they are both free.

Take a hot photo from your account, photoshop it a little, put a webcam icon, make it look like you're streaming something. Add "Watch Now" button below, which will redirect them to a CPA offer. 

Post that pic on your fb timeline and write "Come watch me here *link*", make sure you take relevant domain, if your name is Rapsa Rogers, take rapsa519.weebly.com or smth like that.

They have to complete it to 'watch' you, once they're done, redirect them on the "error" page which will say something like this : "Sorry, our server is down due to traffic overload, please come back later". They won't complain in hope that they'll get to 'watch' you later, lol. Or you can redirect them to a page where you will put your 'sexy' pics. Make sure to choose the right CPA network, don't get banned. Still, there are ways to stay safe.

3. You can put up the same website with the same scheme, but different offer, take the dating one.

Redirect them to offer saying "My live cams are set up on this website, please register and watch me, I'm waiting for ya <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

You can use your website, or just send the offer link.

4. There are networks that pay adult traffic (banner placement etc.)

You can make a new site, put pictures and share them on your accout(s), every 15-20 minutes.

You can put banners or just redirect them to adult websites. You get paid for it.

5. If you have 4-5 accs (like 20-30k traffic), you can just take money from people for putting their links on your profiles, like $15 for 24 hr link. Simple as that. (Don't put porn links, you will be reported and banned).

6. A few paragraphs above, I said to turn off the chat, well, turn it on and I assure you, you will get 100s of messages saying "Hey hottie, I love you" 

You have their chats opened already, use the step 3, send them AFF links and tell them to register at *your* website to meet you, etc etc..

7. Sell your accounts, as I said, my friend earned $900 in one month, he sold over 12 accounts, each one can be sold for over $100, if it has followers, price will be higher.

There are other ways to monetize your traffic, just think or search, you can come up with smth unique as well.

Step Five : Enjoy your money!

You can easily make $1,000 using this very method, you just need 10 accounts, if you exchange links, pics etc you can do it easily.

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