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How to make money online by uploading videos (A to Z) - Daily $100 Method

This method I will show you how to make money in Live Cams industry in adult niche.

Step1:[This is mandatory]
Buy a easy sounding .com domain which has word "cams" at the ending.
e.g. jizzcams dot com
lolcams dot com
798cams dot com
pongcams dot com
hope you got the idea.

it must have cams word in it anywhere but i prefer it at the end and must be .com domain and should be short. dont spend too much for this.

Step2:[This is optional]
Buy cheap shared hosting for hosting files.
We will need this to host video files.

Step3:[This is mandatory]
Choose webcam affiliate program, which pays high PPS(Pay Per Signup).
I tried many sponsors but my favorite are


Important: Once you signup at InsaneDollar, contact them and tell them, you have adult tube site blahblah.com and you can send couple of joins per day and ask them to increase PPS price from $75 PPS to $100 PPS.

Step4:[This is mandatory]
Go to Free Adult tube site and download 20 videos of girls in category of webcam, videos must not have watermark.
The video should be like recorded cam show of a camgirl.
My favorite site for downloading videos is x-h-a-m-s-t-e-r
Videos can be 5+ minutes in length.
Use JDownloader to download videos, It can download files/videos from many popular sites and its free.

Step5:[This is Optional]
Use any free video watermarking software and watermark those 20 clips you just downloaded from x-h-a-m-s-t-e-r with your domain name.
Watermark position: Right Bottom of video.

I have a license copy of Video Charge Studio.

Step6:[This is mandatory]
Go To Google Keyword Tool External.
Enter keyword: Live Sex
Download all keyword ideas it shows you.
So now you have a list of keywords like this


Step7:[This is mandatory]
Modify your keyword list so the keywords look like this

keyword1 - www.yourdomain.com
keyword2 - www.yourdomain.com
keyword3 - www.yourdomain.com

Step8:[This is mandatory]
Get a linkcode from InsaneDollar dashboard , choose PPS while doing it.

Step9:[This is mandatory]
Create a redirect from your domain.com to this linkcode you just got from Step8.
So whenever surfer goes to yourdomain.com it gets redirected to your linkcode.
I hope you got the idea.

Step10:[This is mandatory][Final Step]
Goto: x-v-i-d-e-o-s [dot] com
Create a new account, you dont have to verify email to upload videos.

Upload those watermarked videos to it. and use titles and descriptions as
keyword1 - www.yourdomain.com
keyword2 - www.yourdomain.com
keyword3 - www.yourdomain.com

Check Profits.

I make 1-2 sales per day there are somedays when you wont see sales but you gotta stick to it.
You can use this exact same method with other paysites , but paysites sales are going down everyday only dating and cams are working these days as there are already shitload of free porn on tube sites.

If after uploading specific video to x-v-i-d-e-o-s [dot] com ,if you see its status as "Status: Copyrighted - This video has been blocked by our system. " 
STOP right there and create a new account at x-v-i-d-e-o-s [dot] com and start uploading videos again. and remove the video which caused this from your list.
Your account wont get banned just because of one copyrighted video upload. they have 3 strike policy.

Rinse and Repeat.

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