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One of the topmost requirements to make extra money online

One of the topmost requirements to make extra money online is being smart. People who are successfully making a living online have one thing in common – They all work smartly! For them, hard work is always essential but it comes second to smart work.
Since a couple of days I have been searching for sites that offer unique opportunity to earn extra money online which needs some smart work. Not the ones that anybody can do just by doing simple tasks. I also kept in mind that the tasks should also be highly valuable after completion and acceptance.
money in gearsBasically, the search was based on these:-
- You have to work smart
- You have to work hard
- The opportunity must be unique
- You don’t need your own website
 Well, your urge to have a look at this post has already proved that you are smart :) as well as greedy! ……hey please don’t be offended. There’s nothing wrong in being a little greedy. Greediness motivates to take action.
So, check out these 3 amazing sites that gives smart ways to make extra money online. If you like them, employ your greed and take action.

Make Extra Money Online With Smart Work

  • Make Money With Idea Bounty: This is a cool site I came across that pays thousands of dollars for giving ideas. Yes, you only need to give ideas. If you are smart enough to bring creative solutions to problems, you must try this site. Idea Bounty works in a simple way – You submit ideas for interesting projects (Ex – Best way to go viral for an undergarments company) listed in the site by the clients and then you are paid if your idea is selected. It might look so simple but it’s not easy as there will be many others submitting ideas for the same projects. You have to be creatively smart.
  • Make Money With Picky Domains: PickyDomains pays for coming up with interesting, unusual and memorable domain names for their clients. This again seems easy, right? But let me tell you that 99% of good domain names are already registered and are not available. You have to work within the 1% left! It’s difficult these days to come up with a domain name that reflects everything a client wants. But if you can do it, Picky Domains is a great place to make extra money online by suggesting available domain names. Try it.
  • Make Money With Fiverr: I know Fiverr is very popular among the online money makers but newbies might not know it. So, Fiverr is an opportunity for anybody with any kind of talent. The concept is very simple and unique. You offer to do a gig (product or service) for 5 dollar. It’s a kind of marketplace where you can advertise your gig (whatever you can do) for sale. To really make huge money, here again you’ll have to possess the quality of a smart salesmen or a marketer as sales on Fiverr depends on attracting people to your gig. Any experience with Fiverr?
These 3 sites have all the qualities that I had looked for – from uniqueness to smartness! Do you know any site that offers a smart platform to make money online. Feel free to share in comments.

If you are really interested in making money online, click here and read the post carefully!

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