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SEO MYTHS part 1

The following myths are the most common ones that we tend to
come across on a regular basis. We have attempted to explain
the myth in more detail and provide you with additional
information as available. As with anything on the web more
myths about SEO will appear over time. The best thing for you to
do when this happens is to do your due diligence by researching
the myth before changing your SEO practices.
So let’s get started with our SEO myths!

Duplicate Content
Is it as bad as people claim? There seems to be a ton of confusion
over duplicate content. What you want to avoid is having
duplicate content within your site. For example don’t have the
same post about dog breeds on more than one page of your site
otherwise it will be considered duplicate content. Posting the
same article on a different site is fine and you will not get
penalized for it.
If you are concerned about this in anyway change up the content
that you are planning on posting, say to an article directory or
document sharing site. Make the article you share more general
and have it point back to the more in depth post on your website.

You don’t want to put up two sites with the exact same content as
this will get you into trouble with Google. If you have two similar
sites take the time to make the content different. One idea would
be having one site as your main authoritive site, while the other
site has more detailed information on one specific aspect. This
way both sites will complement each other.
You can read what Google says about duplicate content at the

following link:

Keyword META TAG will help
Meta tags are no longer indexed by Google and other search
engines. It is important to remember that your Meta tags still
show up in the display area of your search engine results. It is
worth the time and effort to create a compelling Meta tag text
that will entice readers to click through to your website.
This first sentence should be about 150 characters long and
should entice your reader to want to find out more. Take some
time to craft a good sentence and don’t forget you can change it
at any time. Once you have tested a few descriptions find the one
that brings you the most traffic and stick with it.
This first sentence is often referred to as your Meta tag
description and can be an extremely effective tool in helping drive

visitors to your site. As well use the Mega Title tag field to include
your main keywords that you are trying to rank for.

Header Tag size does matter in SEO
It is true that using the H1 and H2 tags do help your site. What is
a myth is the style and size of the headings you use for each of
these. It doesn’t seem to matter to the search engines what type
of font size or style you use. It is important to ensure that the
headings are easy to read.

You have to submit your site to search engines
No they will find you providing that you are linking to relevant
content or to another site. The search engine spiders will crawl
your site and index you.
Some people still like to submit their links to the main search
engines but it is not really necessary. But at the same time it
can’t really hurt either. If you have the time and want to go this
route then it is up to you.
You don’t want to confuse this with submitting your sites to
directories as this is something different. Being listed in a
directory can help people find your site. There are plenty of free
directory sites that you can use. Look for those that pertain to
your business and aim to be included in them. Professional
directories are also another option.

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